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Atera Overview

What is Atera
Atera RMM software is one of the best software for MSPs. The system will help you keep track of all your customer's needs, manage their devices and perform preventive maintenance. Atera has all the features of an end-to-end solution and is a complete solution. Atera helps you automate your entire business and provides a host of additional features.
Atera has a variety of reports and metrics that you can run on demand, as well as schedule automated reports. The reports include system inventory audit, Windows Update, and patch feedback. The software helps IT teams to keep track of their customers' IT environments, and helps them manage the entire IT infrastructure. Aside from providing these benefits, Atera also gives users a way to manage their networks from anywhere.

Software Features

  1.   Remote Monitoring and Management
  2.   Professional Services Automation
  3.   Remote Access
  4.   Patch Management
  5.   IT Automation
  6.   Real Time Alerts
  7.   Reporting & Analytics
  8.   Custom Scripting
  9.   Network Discovery

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