Uterine Fibroids in NYC

Chances are that you aren't aware you have fibroids, which are also referred to as leiomyomas or myomas. Many women don't experience any symptoms. Fibroids are essentially small balls of muscle that grow in the muscular wall tissue of your uterus. Theye're almost always non-cancerous, almost never turn into cancer in the future. Women who do experience symptoms may communicate any of the following symptoms:

  • Heavy bleeding or painful periods 
  • Anemia
  • Feeling a sense of fullness in your lower stomach 
  • Noticing your lower abdomen appears to be distended 
  • Having to frequently urinate 
  • Pain during sex 
  • Lower back pains 
  • Complications during pregnancy and labor 
  • Rarely, reproductive problems

There is no proof of what causes uterine fibroids; however, a clear link has been established between hormones (in particular, estrogen and progesterone) and their impact on uterine fibroids. Furthermore, the condition is found to run in families, so if you have a close family member who experiences fibroids, you're at a greater risk. Other risk factors include race, with African American women being more likely to get fibroids, and environmental factors such as birth control use, obesity, and early onset periods. Uterine fibroids should always be evaluated with a thorough consultation and examination by a physician for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

NYC Gynecologist Dr. Mariz of Women's Health & Wellness offer a comprehensive obstetrics and gyn care in NYC for women of all ages. At our obgyn clinic of we provide a full range of gynecology services, from annual check-ups and routine pap smears to Uterine Fibroids treatment and gyn procedures, surgeries performed in our office or in the hospital. Our state of the art gynecological center in Manhattan, NY equipped with a latest obgyn equipment.

Do not wait any longer and make an appointment with Dr. Mariz by either calling our Union Square office at (212) 378-9985 or our Upper East Side NYC office at (212) 389-1904.

Read more: https://www.obgynecologistnyc.com/conditions/uterine-fibroids-specialist-nyc/

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