3 Small Business Holiday Marketing Tips for 2021

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Small businesses have the opportunity to increase sales with Cyber Monday and Black Friday. More than 60% of consumers plan to spend half of their holiday shopping at local stores this year. These marketing strategies will help you capitalize on this opportunity for growth this holiday season.

1. Connect with customers via social media. This is a great way to market your business and communicate directly with customers. Social media allows you to show your customers and prospects why they should purchase your products or services. If you own a retail store, host a Facebook Live event to show off your latest products and explain why they are the best gift. Consider marketing gift cards if you offer a service. You can also explain how your service can help ease holiday stress. To help your social media posts reach the most potential customers, use hashtags and work with other businesses.For more on social media tips, check out out Tips for Small Business Social Media Success

2. Use email to increase sales. A 2021 survey found that nearly 80% of small-business owners consider email "important" or "very essential" for their business. You will need to take time in the next weeks to create an effective holiday email marketing strategy. Begin by following email marketing best practices. This includes using email marketing software, segmenting your email list into demographic groups, geographic locations, or other characteristics, as well as writing engaging subject lines. Next, think about what emails are most valuable for your customers this holiday season. These include highlights sales, new products, curbside pickup and pre-ordering options. To keep your customers connected, send a thank you note and a code with discount codes to customers who sign up for your email list. Try not to send too many emails per week or you will lose subscribers, no matter how compelling your emails may be.

3. Personalize your interactions with customers. Some localities may restrict the number of people who can visit your business due to pandemic regulations. To maintain personal relationships with customers, you can send handwritten notes to them if you have a direct mailing lists. A compilation video featuring your employees on social media should be posted to thank customers for supporting your business in 2021. Provide excellent customer service and respond promptly to all messages via email, phone, or social media. It is possible to make a significant difference in your ability to stand out from the rest by paying attention to the little things.

Implementing effective marketing techniques this holiday season will not only boost your sales throughout the holiday season, it will also help to generate leads and build brand loyalty over the upcoming year.
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