Modern Style Directions for a One-Bedroom Apartment

Designing the design of a one-bedroom apartment is a complex process. It is necessary to think through everything so that one living space can perform several functions at the same time - be a place to relax and sleep, receive guests, work and study, a children's room, and the like. The small area of such apartments limits everything because it is ...

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How to Make a Bathroom Stylish and Sophisticated?

The hottest tech from the Apple Watch, the Tesla S sports car, or the Bang and Olufsen BeoVision TV, all have something in common: the very latest in technological innovation and contemporary design. Minimalism, the sophistication of lines, and the latest technology, all make them so interesting and attractive to people, so let's take these princip...

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6 Main Interior Principles in 2020

 The main trend in interior design is "changes". The new decade sets the direction for fresh trends and cultural shifts. Our home is a place where you can escape from the noisy world, even if for a short time. Houses become more comfortable, efficient, colorful, smarter, and more environmentally friendly. This increases the requirements for mo...

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