Strategies for Financing a Small Business

Establishing a small business is the easy part, the true challenge comes from fund acquisition. It can be very difficult for a business owner to try and finance their small business properly. With that in mind, there are a variety of different financing options, some of which are easier to access than others. Here are the most relevant financing strategies that every entrepreneur needs to try!

Join a startup accelerator or incubator

If you're looking for quick funding, joining a startup incubator can be a very good idea. You can find many incubators that will give you anywhere from $20000 and up to $100000 or more in the US. Joining a startup incubator is a very good way to learn about growing a business, how to pitch investors and how to work with other businesses. Plus, you get to fund your business, and that alone is always very important.

Enter small business competitions

There are many small business competitions created either by state or local organizations that encourage businesses to pitch their ideas to investors and receive funding. These Shark Tank-like events are very impressive, they deliver tremendous value for small businesses. Sure, they might not be available everywhere, but they are a good funding source.

Peer to peer lending or Kickstarter-like websites

The idea with peer to peer lending websites is that they encourage small time investors to lend money to businesses that are in dire need of funding. The problem is that they do have a very high interest rate, which can be a challenge. Websites like Kickstarter allow you to ask for funding for a certain product or service, and you can get quite a lot of money through them if you make the right pitch.

Run a pre-sale

Starting a pre-sale on your website is very helpful if you need immediate funding. The challenge here is that you need marketing money to promote your website's pre-sale. You want as many people as possible to learn about the pre-sale, and that might cost you a bit. But it will be well worth the effort.


A good option is to leverage the 0% credit cards. They are great because you don't have to pay interest for your loan. It's not going to bring you a huge investment opportunity, maybe up to $50000, but the fact that you get money right away and don't need to pay interest can be very helpful.

Equity investment

This can go two ways, either through angel investors or via partnerships. Finding angel investors can be one of the best ways to acquire funds, but just like partnerships, you need to give up some of the company's shares. Both options can be great here, but it's up to you to adapt and implement the right system to suit your requirements.


We recommend you to take your time and study as many possible investment opportunities as you can. Then once you have a list, see which approach is the best. It's not easy to acquire funds for your company, but with the right knowledge and documentation, you will be able to figure out which is the right opportunity to suit your needs. Take your time, avoid any rush and focus on your company's future and success. One thing is certain, these funding ideas can be a great starting point, you just need to assess their success in your own situation and go with the best possible option!

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