Stem Cell Therapy For Hip Arthritis

Hip injuries and ailments can be debilitating. Stem cell therapy for hips can alleviate pain and help you heal. Your specialist can use stem cells for hip osteoarthritis because there's a stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip. A hip stem cell injection delivers anti-inflammatory power, while lubricating the joint and encouraging new cell growth.

If you've been told that you need surgery to repair your hip condition, you may wonder if you have other choices for treatment. Stem cell therapy for hip joints may be what you are looking for. Alternatives to surgery are becoming more and more popular for many people who don't want to go through the long recovery period involved with an invasive procedure.

Scientists have discovered that stem cells, the most foundational cells that develop in the human body, can actually repair damage to bone and cartilage. These are cells that haven't yet matured into a specific type of cell, so they're ideal for stem cell therapy for hip joints. Stem cells become the type of cell needed, which is essential to the healing process of your body.

New Therapy for Old Problems

As you age, your body gradually loses its ability to repair itself. Joints wear down, and cartilage is worn away. You may develop conditions such as osteoarthritis or other wear-and-tear injuries to your body. You may also find that old sports injuries that you thought were healed start bothering you again. The wear and tear on these areas has caused muscle, cartilage or bone to break down, causing pain.

When stem cells are injected into the joint, they trigger the injured cells to repair themselves. Stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis can repair other conditions or injuries to your hip, including:

  • Strained hamstring, most often caused by exercise or accident
  • Hip joint arthritis, wear and tear that diminishes the cartilage cushions in the ball of the hip joint
  • Ischial tuberosity bursitis, an inflammation of the bursa sac that protects your joints and muscles, which makes it painful to sit
  • Femoral head osteonecrosis, when your hip bone loses its blood supply, resulting in the deterioration of the joint

There are other conditions that stem cell therapy can treat. Ask your doctor or stem cell specialist in Brooklyn NYC about your hip pain.

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