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Maybe you don't like how your teeth look — they're too long, too short, too yellow or too crooked. Maybe your smile shows too much of your gums — or not enough of your gums. Whatever your cosmetic complaint, visit the Dentist in the Bronx for a smile design to suit you. A dentist open on Saturdays and Sundays provides the services you need at a reasonable smile makeover cost. You can draw out the makeover or have it done in one fell swoop when you visit a top Bronx dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry has many procedures to benefit the smile makeover you desire. When you decide the time has come to redesign your smile, your Bronx dentist (open on Sunday) listens to you to make sure he understands your desires and concerns. Then he prepares a treatment plan to get you there.

Smile design is a procedure that considers the importance of aesthetics and continued dental health. It requires an understanding of the interrelationship between all the oral structures — including muscles, bones, joints, gingival tissues and occlusion. Careful diagnosis and analysis of all the factors deliver the best outcome.

Categories of Smile Design

The shape and color of your teeth require consideration to determine what exactly you're looking for in your smile makeover. The three broad categories of appearance are:

  1. Youthful appearance. When your adult teeth first come in, they're longer and more prominent. They haven't had time to wear down. Longer central incisors are associated with a more youthful appearance — and may also convey boldness and warmth. The longer central teeth draw the eye to the center of your face, emphasizing your nose and chin. This is especially good for those with prominent, attractive lips.
  2. Sophisticated appearance. As you age, your longer central teeth wear down until your teeth form a straight, horizontal line across your front teeth. Because the straight line is seen in more mature adults, this look conveys wisdom and sophistication. It also emphasizes the width of your lower face.
  3. Sporty appearance. In between the youthful and sophisticated appearance models is the sporty look. In this case, your central teeth are slightly longer, but not as prominent as the youthful appearance. This model conveys a more casual and warm approach.

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