Pelvic Pain

 Pelvic pain can disrupt so many areas of your life — from being able to sit comfortably to enjoying intimacy, from urinating without pain to doing everyday tasks while on your period. While pelvic pain in women is more common, pelvic pain in men is just as ubiquitous. The causes of pelvic pain vary widely, so rely on the expertise of knowledgeable pelvic pain specialists for a firm diagnosis and treatment, such as the ones you find in Midtown at Manhattan pain management.

You usually feel pelvic pain in the area just below your abdomen. The discomfort may be intermittent, come on as a sharp stabbing discomfort or feel like a dull ache that seems to spread throughout your body. When your pelvic pain is severe enough, it can affect your quality of life on a daily basis.

A pelvic pain specialist practiced in treating both pelvic pain in women and pelvic pain in men, such as the team at pain and injury clinic finds the source of your pain and determines the best approach to treatment. Don't wait, because untreated pelvic bone pain can lead to serious consequences.

Symptoms to Watch For

For many, pelvic pain in women that's either sharp or steady often worsens during the menstrual cycle. Alternatively, you may feel it worse when you go to the bathroom or when you insert a tampon. Some women have a condition called vulvodynia that occurs in the genital area and may worsen during sex. Still others feel pain when lifting something heavy.

lower back or groin and cause burning when urinating. You may experience painful ejaculations, pain in the testicles or penis or pain in the region between the anus and scrotum.

Causes of Pelvic Pain

A number of various conditions can lead to what feels like pelvic bone pain, including digestive, urinary or reproductive issues. Coccydynia is a condition that happens from trauma to the tailbone that can lead to excruciating pelvic bone pain. This can cause pelvic pain in men and women, usually after a fall or blow to the area. Coccydynia sometimes occurs in women after childbirth.

Diverticulitis is another common condition that leads to lower left pelvic pain in men and women. Chronic pelvic pain also may be due to a strain or sprain in the ligaments or muscles attached to a pelvic bone. Sometimes, the discomfort comes from damaged nerves.

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