Overview of Key Wedding Trends in 2022

If your wedding is scheduled for 2022, it's time to start preparing. The wedding season 2022 is about maximalism, vintage, unusual colors, and the neighborhood of opposite trends. In this article, we have gathered key wedding trends in 2022.

Wedding stylesRustic

This style is about a large feast in a rustic spirit, with long wooden tables, armfuls of wildflowers, and decorations made from natural materials. Everything that reminds us of suburban life becomes decorative elements: wicker baskets with apples, haystacks, carts, and old chests. And the aroma of homemade cakes and apples makes the holiday especially sincere and cozy.

Art Deco

Exactly one hundred years later, the "Roaring Twenties" returned to us with all their attributes: expressive geometry, brilliance, rich colors, and theatricality. The most catchy and effective style is slowly replacing strict minimalism in all areas: clothing, jewelry, interior, decor. This is not surprising: after the forcedly ascetic 2020 and 2021, we want to dress up and celebrate.

There is definitely no place for modesty in Art Deco: these are lush floral arrangements, placers of stones and pearl embroidery, marble and mahogany, glossy black surfaces, intricate draperies, and many vintage things (gramophones, mirrors in gilded frames, candelabra, and figurines). If you love "all the best at once", take a closer look at this intellectual maximalism with a vintage touch.


We owe this trend to the Netflix hit series Bridgertons. It brought into fashion a style inspired by the era of the Regency. The audience was so impressed by the outfits of the court ladies and the interiors of the early 19th century that they themselves decided to turn to the romantic past. A neo-romantic wedding means a luxurious hall decorated with lush white flowers, stucco ceilings, pastel colors, and a real ball, where the bride is dressed in a dress with a corset bodice, and the groom is in a velvet tailcoat and starched shirt.

ColorsPastel blue

This trend also refers us to the Bridgertons since Regency Blue was the trademark shade of the time. In 2022, it will become one of the main color trends of the spring-summer season, according to the Pantone Institute. This delicate tone looks especially good with gold, brown, light green, and pink. "Delicious" colors (caramel, coffee with milk, chocolate, pistachios, buttercream, etc.) are becoming more and more popular at weddings because they evoke the most pleasant associations in us.


As an alternative to delicate tones, shades of polished metal will also be in trend. Metallic can be entered into different styles. The main thing is to choose the right color combinations. For a vintage wedding, it will be a combination of brass or copper with pastels, for an urban chic celebration - chrome shine or dark cold metallic with neutral white, gray, and beige, and even on a romantic holiday, it will find a place, because candles, vases, figurines and mirrors can be with elements of aged silver.


Another Pantone favorite in 2022 is a bright crimson, almost neon hue, one of its kind that causes a burst of energy. Designers advise combining it with the sweet berry shades (cherry, lingonberry, blackberry), diluting with base ones with white, brown, or beige.

The bride's lookSeparate outfit

A two-piece wedding dress (skirt and top) has solid advantages. It is easy to transform it - it is enough to replace the long skirt with trousers or a shorter model, and instead of one, you will have two or even three wedding looks at once. It is very convenient since you can choose a solemn version for the ceremony and wedding photoshoot, and change clothes for the dance party in the evening.

Dramatic details

Maximalism is a trend of 2022, but this doesn't mean that all brides will have to dress up in tiered cake dresses. a laconic cut is enough, the main thing is to complement the image with spectacular accessories or unusual trimmings. It can be a large bow, removable puff sleeves, long gloves, lace veils, unusual hair ornaments, etc.

Bold vintage

Art Deco and the twenties of the last century are in trend. Wedding designers invite us to be inspired by the images of flapper girls. The main features of the style are a low waist, rectangular cut, fringe, feathers, beading. and intricate accessories like all kinds of hats, frontiers hanging down on the forehead, guipure gloves, hairpins with feathers, and tiny velvet handbags. You can get some inspiration from The Great Gatsby.

A modern princess

Nobody canceled childhood dreams of a magnificent wedding dress that turns a girl into a princess from a fairy tale. Romantic, slightly theatrical cloud dresses and those cake dresses are back with us in 2022, but these lush outfits will be "spiced": transparent inserts, bareback, cutouts, and non-standard color schemes.

Dress for rent

The first lady of Britain, Carrie Johnson, set the tone here: for her celebration, she decided to rent an outfit from the Greek brand Christos Costarellos. The idea is very promising: now every bride can shine in a dress from a famous couturier, without spending a fortune on it. And maybe even in a few exclusive outfits! According to experts, the wedding clothing rental market will develop, and prices for it will decline. This trend is not only about saving, but also about reasonable consumption.

The groom's lookMaximalism

It looks like the 2022 suitors decided to prove that they, too, can be the protagonists of the evening. Jeans and sneakers will not work, but noble fabrics (velvet, silk, suiting wool, corduroy), retro silhouettes, rich colors, and an abundance of accessories are in trend. Particular attention is paid to jewelry. These are not only the usual watches and cufflinks, but also bracelets, chains, rings, and the more the better. And for the sake of an important event, the groom can grow a stylish beard, experiment with styling, and get a manicure.


Minimalistic tricks (just one shade in the look) can also be very expressive, which we often see in men's looks on the red carpet. The main thing is to choose the right color. The most trending in the 2022 season is bright white (regardless of the season), calm coffee, and fresh blue. And to make the image the most interesting, you can play with textures, choosing all the clothes in one color, but from different materials: cotton, tweed, leather, soft knitwear.

Unusual outerwear

The variety of men's outerwear is what distinguishes the image of the groom 2022. Indeed, if brides have long been wearing capes, leather jackets, sheepskin coats, and long down jackets, then grooms, as a rule, have little choice. In the new season, the designers decided to restore justice: in the cold season, men will be protected by leather raincoats, faux fur coats, and thick sheepskin coats, and in spring and summer their image will be complemented by the lightest silk trench coats and embroidered bombers. This is the very case when what is worn over a wedding suit will attract no less attention than the suit itself. 

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