Modern Style Directions for a One-Bedroom Apartment


Designing the design of a one-bedroom apartment is a complex process. It is necessary to think through everything so that one living space can perform several functions at the same time - be a place to relax and sleep, receive guests, work and study, a children's room, and the like. The small area of such apartments limits everything because it is not enough to zone a room simply, it is critical to preserve as much free space as possible, necessary for a comfortable stay. In this article, we will talk about what a one-room apartment in a modern style should look like.

1. Pop art

Decorating a one-bedroom apartment in a modern pop art style allows you to "go wild" a little and dilute the ordinary with rich colors, bold shapes, bright light, and a non-standard layout. Pop art is the most daring and daring modern style. It focuses not on the wealth and excellent taste of the owners but on their sense of humor and willingness to experiment.

2. Art Nouveau

Renovating a one-bedroom apartment in a modern Art Nouveau style involves a bold play with shape and lines. Unlike the pop art movement, in modernity, colors do not dominate but are only present as unobtrusive accents. Modernism can be called a combination style, where expressive forms are considered a priority, and then convenience is considered.

3. Minimalism

Professionals believe that the minimalist style corresponds to the state of a person's soul. This is an ideal option for those who do not need external attributes and whose internal harmony is supported by peace, quiet, and order.

Decorating a one-bedroom apartment in a modern minimalist style requires thoughtfulness of the space, coherence of the composition, and the absence of unnecessary elements and details. The few things and furniture that fill the room should be as simple and functional as possible. Fans of this style claim that only by removing everything unnecessary can one understand true beauty.

However, minimalism is not limited to certain color palettes. Any shades are allowed - cold metal, warm pastel, wood, and so on. There is only one rule that should be followed: one color should be chosen for decoration, and others should be added as accents. For example, a plain floor will be stylishly decorated with a contrasting bright carpet.

4. Ecostyle

Ecological style is wholly imbued with natural materials and their derivatives. For a city dweller tired of high-tech civilization, an apartment that looks like a bungalow helps to be closer to nature, its peace, beauty, and purity.

5. Modern Classic

Classic decorative elements have a place in a modern apartment, where the interior is diluted with contrasts and rich details. This could be a glossy floor, a play of light and dark tones, and the like.

The layout of one-room apartments in a modern style directly depends on the house in which they are located. High ceilings and a good layout of premises are typical for old houses. Modern developers are increasingly reproducing such apartments in new buildings. These old houses are associated with the housing of an intelligent family, and their usual furnishings, the indispensable attributes of which are massive furniture, custom closets with glass doors, and a lamp with a green lampshade, are again gaining popularity.

6. High tech

The simple, functional, and technological high-tech style is increasingly becoming the choice of young, energetic people. Everything should be invisible, convenient, functional, and comfortable. This style is characterized by remote control of lighting and blinds, heated baseboards that replace a conventional radiator, and so on.

Interior design in high-tech style has its distinctive features. First, this is a maximum of free space and a minimum number of things. You shouldn't flaunt your technological wealth: as already mentioned, everything should be functional, take up minimal space and not just stand there. A small apartment can be zoned with glass partitions or you can give preference to an open layout that does not hide the space.

The second important aspect is finishing materials. This style is characterized by the use of artificial materials; natural ones are extremely rare. The third feature is functional furniture. For example, a transforming sofa that converts into a single or double bed. Or a table that easily turns into a pouf. The shape of the furniture is also unusual. The high-tech style does not become outdated over time due to the constant introduction of something new, and more modern. 

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