Lipogems is a breakthrough stem cell therapy that uses your body's natural reserve of fat to produce healing properties primarily to treat osteoarthritis, sports injuries and other debilitating joint conditions that don't respond well to traditional treatments. Lipogems provides a natural process your Brooklyn pain physician can use to treat your chronic pain.


While you've worked hard to get fit and stay lean, you may never have imagined that the fat you carry may actually do you some good. In fact, thanks to the advancements in pain management that your Brooklyn pain physician keeps abreast of, stem cells can be extracted from your fat tissue by means of what's basically just a "mini-liposuction" procedure.

Called Lipogems, this proprietary procedure is rapidly becoming more popular than bone marrow stem cell therapy that's taken the pain reduction industry by storm over the past decade.

Relying on the same regenerative therapy principles of using your own body's cells to fight pain and prevent drastic surgical interventions, Lipogems is fast becoming the go-to treatment for athletes and others who are hard on their joints.

FDA Approved Process

Lipogems is a gentle procedure. It redistributes your body's own fat to provide support and cushioning to areas of your body that have been damaged or injured. Your pain doctor, who's experienced in the Lipogems procedure, uses just a local anesthetic to remove the fat from either your stomach or your thighs.

Dr. Leon Reyfman then uses a device that's been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to clean and rinse the harvested fat. The clean fat then is injected into the areas of your body that are causing you the most discomfort. You need only give a small amount of fat for the process to be effective. As little as two to six tablespoons is all that's needed to create a natural pain reliever.

Healing Process

Lipogems is a same-day procedure performed in your Brooklyn doctor's office in about 60 to 90 minutes, with minimal recovery time. You have to restrict heavy lifting and rigorous activity for about a week. You may be slightly sore where the fat was removed for a couple days, and the area may drain. But it's minimal and usually ends within a day.

You may have to wear a compression garment for a day or two following the procedure. The entire healing process lasts about six to eight weeks. Your NYC pain doctor monitors you until you're ready to return to your previous level of unrestricted activity. You can expect to see continued healing for as long as three months.

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