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Does your excess hair get in your way when competing or performing? Did you inherit your father's nose and ear hair? If you're done fighting the battle to stay groomed or sleek, then the answer may be laser hair removal. While not permanent, the results last a long time. You can find laser hair removal services in New York City at ReBalance aesthetic clinic.

  • Are you tired of shaving? Do you worry about nicking your skin shaving hard-to-reach spots? Shaving can be time-consuming. It can be difficult or impossible to shave your back effectively. Yet you like the look and the feeling of smooth skin. Discover the benefits of laser hair removal.
  • Medical-grade lasers have been adopted for more and more procedures, from healing treatments to tattoo removal. Laser procedures are completely safe and relatively painless. Come in for a laser hair removal evaluation today!
  • Laser hair removal is the easiest, longest-lasting method for removing unwanted hair. After you've tried the other ways to get the look you want, you're ready for the laser treatment. Why wait? Get rid of hair with the latest technology! Schedule your session today at ReBalance in NYC.

The Need for Removing Hair

During the 20th century, mostly male athletes — swimmers, cyclists, bodybuilders or runners — wanted hair removal to enhance their performances. Today, many men choose smooth skin or at least, a reduced amount of hair. After all, most of American culture dictates that only a certain amount of hair in certain places is attractive. Many public careers, therefore, benefit from a more groomed appearance.

You may want the hair on your back, chest, arms or shoulders thinned or removed completely. Other common areas of hair removal include the back of your neck, around your ears and between your eyebrows. For cleanliness, hygiene or at a partner's request, some men choose to reduce or remove hair around their genitals.

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