How to Make a Bathroom Stylish and Sophisticated?


The hottest tech from the Apple Watch, the Tesla S sports car, or the Bang and Olufsen BeoVision TV, all have something in common: the very latest in technological innovation and contemporary design. Minimalism, the sophistication of lines, and the latest technology, all make them so interesting and attractive to people, so let's take these principles to modernize the bathroom. Quality bathroom design and refurbishment yield an excellent return on the investment made to renovate an apartment when it is sold.

When selecting the final points, with which the costs and maintenance of the bathroom will be easy and not expensive, we settled on the following points:

  • Buy ceramic plumbing instead of marble.
  • Buy high-quality faucets and faucets that will serve you for more than one year.

One of the strongest economic arguments at the moment is energy saving. Rising utility bills make the issue of saving the most urgent. When renovating a bathroom, pay close attention to the issue of energy efficiency and resource-saving. Recently, there has been a huge demand from lighting buyers for LED bathroom fixtures, as well as lighting for mirrors and paintings. They radically change the style of the bathroom and make it very stylish. Consider also the following factors:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Use toilets with separate water outlets
  • Use LED bathroom lights instead of traditional ones
  • Heating floor
  • High-quality, double or triple glazing, instead of windows with 1 glazing

If you have a country house or have a choice of where to make a bathroom, then choose the bright parts of the house. Try to make the bathroom bright and light. Here are some ways:

  • Add windows on the roof of the house
  • Use lighting in different parts of the bathroom, floor, walls, ceiling
  • Choose finishes and cladding that create a feeling of lightness and tranquility

Additionally, if you're planning on installing a shower enclosure, look for the glass shower doors with a coating to make water drips easier to clean up.

Let's take a look at those stylish ideas that we have paid attention to and have collected here so that you can take them into account when drawing up the TOR for bathroom design.

1. High-tech lighting

The greatest energy efficiency can be achieved using LED lighting. More than 75% efficient compared to incandescent lamps, with more than 50 thousand hours of operation. In addition to saving energy, the use of LED lighting is a unique chance to create a beautiful bathroom lighting design. It can be LED spotlights or LED strips, which can be programmed to change the color of the glow. In addition to task lighting, here are some tips for using LEDs in your bathroom.

  • Installing a module on a faucet to change the color of flowing water
  • Effective wall lighting
  • LED illumination of the rear of the mirror
  • Illumination of shelves and cabinets
2. Tiles with a metallic effect

Recent trends in the design world, and beyond (consumer electronics, for example), have begun to take into account the interest in metal edging, which has led to an interest in the use of beautiful metal tiles. Its use gives the bathroom the illusion of space, another way to add this effect is by using Ralph Lauren and Benjamin Moore metallic effect paints.

3. Create a unique ornament on the floor

The latest flooring trends are neutrals or whites. But the bathroom needs a graphic element to highlight or reflect the wall decoration or the bath itself.

4. Ergonomic design

Smooth, seamless, seductive design from the world of computers and electronics is now actively penetrating the field of architectural design. The absence of square corners, the emergence of new seductive shapes, and the presence of curved lines are the new ways of developing bathroom design. Here are some tips:

  • Add a curved line to one of the walls
  • Choose faucets and faucets that are more rounded and stylish
  • Use décor in your setting that highlights smooth, curved lines
5. Built-in plums

Integrated sinks, made from the same material as the bathroom countertop. They create a refined, molded, seamless appearance, which means lower operating costs. There are no seams, respectively, water and dirt do not penetrate anywhere, there are no smudges, accumulations of rust, and increased wear of materials.

6. Take a bath alone with nature.

The latest bathroom remodel idea is to mimic a bathroom with views both inside and outside the house. Don't worry about privacy, it's provided. The idea assumes the presence of the latest modern technology of using as one of the walls, a special sprayed glass that reacts to an electric current and changes its transparency from matte to transparent, with a simple switch.

7. Use ergonomic and comfortable shelving

Bathrooms almost always need a little more storage space and shelving doubles as storage and decoration. Look for overhead shelves, freestanding shelving, or wall shelves as places where you can organize and display towels, colorful bottles, bath supplies, and more.

8. Install a heated towel rail

Warm, cozy bathrooms are sure to have heated towel rails. This is an inexpensive and easy upgrade, and it comes with several benefits. First, it helps dry wet towels. Secondly, these racks keep your towels nice and dry, helping to replicate the feel of a spa.

The bottom line

We hope our tips will be useful to you when planning your bathroom design. Remember that your home is the place where we return in joy and sorrow, in cheerfulness and fatigue. This is a shelter that will always take under its protection, like a parental home.

Therefore, you need to try to make it so that it pleases you for many years. And he will repay you in the same coin. Remember that there is no consensus or any dogmas in the field of design. There will always be a genius who will turn everything upside down and it will be stylish and interesting. 

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