Fresh Creative Ideas for Window Decoration


Frosted glass, stained glass, screens, stickers - there are many ways of replacing boring curtains and blinds, turning a window into a stylish design object.

For many years, curtains and blinds remained the only appropriate decor for windows. But times have changed - today even interiors with bare glass windows do not surprise anyone. However, such a cardinal option is not the only way to do without curtains. Let's talk about more original and practical modern solutions.

1. Frosted glass

By removing the curtains from the window, we lose control over the flow of daylight and over the privacy of the room. The problem can be solved with the help of frosted glasses that protect the window from direct sunlight. It is also a good option for people who are sensitive to pet hair and dust. You can leave only part of the window matte or apply sandblasted drawings to the glass.

2. Decorative stickers

With decorative window film, everyone can discover the artist in themselves. From floral patterns, catchphrases to colorful stained glass that glows in the dark, the stores offer a huge range of window stickers in a variety of styles and shades. Many types of adhesive film can be removed with little effort, and the design of the window can be easily changed.

3. Stained glass

Today, stained glass art is widely used in modern interior design. It is not necessary to completely cover the glass with stained-glass windows - the stained-glass fragments on separate sections of the window will look original. Fusing is very popular today. It's a stained glass technique with high-temperature glass processing.

4. Decorative screens

We are more accustomed to closing batteries with screens rather than windows. However, many designers advocate bold experiments with various window screens made of wood, plastic, aluminum mesh, metal, decorated with skillful laser cutting.

Such a spectacular screen will not only protect the room from sunlight and prying eyes, but also give the interior a unique charm. And they are easy to care for - just wipe the dust from time to time. The most practical to use are folding window screens; if desired, they can be easily folded and removed.

5. Roller shutters

They are good not only for kitchens and balconies. With colorful drawings and spectacular photo printing, roller shutters will become a significant accent in the interior. Some of the roller shutter systems with a reinforced, extruded profile can protect a room from burglary.

6. Beads

Curtains made of beads are most often used to decorate interior doors. But on the windows they look just as good, making the interior light, dynamic and cheerful. The best materials are glass, crystal, acrylic, wood, plastic, shells. When choosing them, you need to rely on the overall style of the room.

7. Living plants

Several identical, tall plants, spaced at an equal distance from each other, look stylish. In the warm season, live decor is also appropriate outside the window as containers and flower boxes attached to the cornice.

8. Works of art

Creative individuals will surely like the idea of a "window gallery". Instead of heavy curtains, attach paintings, drawings or panels around the entire perimeter of the window. This solution is good for large high windows. Changing throughout the day, natural lighting will give new shades of perception of works of art.

9. Decorative slopes

Even the most ordinary window without any decor, surrounded by spectacular slopes, will look much fresher and more interesting even without curtains. Instead of the usual PVC, slopes are made of tiles and decorative stone, which partially decorate the wall around the window.

10. Handmade

Homemade decor always looks individual. Garlands, figurines hanging on threads and story compositions or hanging containers with mini plants can be a great alternative to curtains. The solution is original and gives a good mood.

Narrow Window Design Ideas

The design of a narrow window will only look appropriate if it resonates with the style of the interior of the room. Consider some ideas for decorating narrow windows:

  • For rooms decorated in a classic style, you need to select the appropriate curtains for the windows. Strict classic curtains have characteristic features. This should include a rectangular shape, a sliding type of curtains and a length that should reach the floor. In the classic style, it is permissible to use very long curtains that not only touch the floor, but also partially lie on it. In such an interior, various accessories like lambrequins, flounces, pickups, etc. look appropriate.
  • Windows decorated in Italian style will easily fit into any design, from classic to high-tech. This universal decor was formed a long time ago, back in the days of the Roman Empire, and to this day it has not lost its relevance. The Italian style has its own distinctive features, the main of which is perfectly even warehouses at the top of the curtains. Thick Italian curtains will effectively protect the room from the bright sun and will look great in any interior.
  • Austrian curtains came into fashion back in the 18th century and are still very popular in modern homes. The second name of such curtains is scalloped curtains, and their distinctive feature is luxurious horizontal folds that give the canvas a relief wavy surface. In the design of narrow windows, such curtains will look appropriate, moreover, they can be combined with long straight floor-length curtains. Austrian curtains look lush and rich, so they are unlikely to find their use in minimalist interiors.
Curtains in Window Design

Curtains with a contrast lining look very original, moreover, such a technique has practical value, as it allows you to shade the window and almost completely cut off daylight. To make lined curtains, choose two contrasting materials. Their shades should be well combined with each other, one of the fabrics may have a black out effect, reflecting daylight. Decide which side of the curtains will face the room and which will face the window. Position the curtains so that the lining is slightly peeking out from under the front matter.

You can highlight the window with the help of an unusual cornice. To do this, for example, you can paint it in some bright color. Finding such a cornice on sale is quite difficult, since few dare to do such experiments, but you can buy paint of absolutely any shade and do the work yourself. The color of the cornice must necessarily match with some detail of the room, but not with the curtains. With curtains, on the contrary, the shade of the cornice should contrast as much as possible.

Curtain fastening can also be original, especially if you use a metal cornice. The elements on which the curtain will be fixed can be made of leather, fabric, wood, plastic, glass, etc. All these parts can be found in specialized stores.

Playing with contrasting fabrics will also help bring a touch of freshness and originality to the interior. Such curtains can be ordered from a custom designer or sewn by you. This process is not as difficult as it may seem. First, measure the window and calculate how much fabric you may need to sew curtains. Divide the resulting figure into two unequal parts. For example, for a 10-meter curtain, you will need 3 meters of fabric of the same color and 7 meters of contrasting fabric. Fabrics can be selected from one collection - so they will look especially harmonious. But in terms of shade, they should differ from each other.

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