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Today's world has become so unpredictable that making any forecasts can be fraught with disappointment and unfulfilled hopes. Nevertheless, it's impossible to do without forecasts, and we have collected all the relevant information about wedding trends that are waiting for us beyond 2021. We don't know what the rest of 2022 will be like, but we can try to "look into the future" and find out what your holiday will be like in the upcoming season.

1. Dress rental

Reasonable consumption and environmental friendliness are gradually, but in the right direction, leading us to the fact that renting a wedding dress will no longer be an option for only those who don't have enough money to buy an outfit. It turns out that now almost all brides can afford a luxurious dress from eminent couturiers on their happiest day. At the same time, they do not need to spend a fortune on a dream outfit.

This is a real revolution in the world of wedding fashion! Experts predict that every year there will be more and more services for renting designer wedding dresses, and many brides are already ready to consider such an opportunity instead of saving money to buy an expensive outfit. What the designers themselves will do and how it will affect the profitability of their business is another question. Time will put everything in its place. It will reduce production costs and give every bride the chance to shine at her wedding with an exclusive look. Or maybe not even one!

2. Anniversary holiday

This trend owes its appearance to the pandemic and its associated restrictions. Last year, many couples either postponed the wedding for a year or celebrated it modestly - together or in the circle of their closest ones. Accordingly, a large number of "postponed" events fell in 2022. And people loved it! Celebrating a wedding two days in a row is in the order of things, but two years in a row is something new! Specialists predict an increased demand for wedding anniversary parties in 2022 with wedding photography, banquet, and other joyful things that people can't afford in the last two years.

People have appreciated the charm of chamber feasts, the warmth of family holidays, and small soulful parties, and they are not going to stop. It is beautiful to celebrate an anniversary in order to once again gather a close circle of friends and relatives - this idea is to the liking not only of us but also of wedding organizers and decorators who are always happy to meet again with their favorite couples.

3. Alcohol-free weddings

After a long time of lock-downs, many have overestimated their attitude to health, sports, physical activity, and bad habits. This resulted in a trend for alcohol-free parties. People deliberately refuse to drink alcohol, there are more and more people with small children, nursing mothers, and pregnant girls at weddings. And if earlier at a wedding a welcome cocktail and alcoholic drinks at a banquet were considered a rule of good taste, now restaurateurs and catering services state that couples have begun to order alcohol-free bars and menus more often, a new wave of popularity will affect coffee and tea tables.

4. Natural color palette

Over the past year and a half, nature has become a favorite decoration for events of various formats and scales. It is not surprising that a diverse range of natural shades is now especially relevant as a wedding palette. From traditional shades of white and pink, the focus has shifted to earthy tones, flesh colors, shades of beige, khaki, and bright accents have become a little less bright and are mainly represented by coral, mustard, terracotta. "Delicious" colors are in trend: coffee with cream, caramel, champagne, dark or milk chocolate, strawberry marshmallows, creme brulee.

5. Separate wedding dresses

Marketers say requests for bridal tops and bottoms are more than 1.5x higher than last year. Therefore, experts believe that next season we will see more brides in top + skirt wedding dresses, as well as suits with trousers, culottes, skirts, and even shorts. Elegant and modern, two-piece dresses can be easily transformed during the day by wearing an overskirt for the ceremony and then changing it to trousers to dance the night away without stiffness or inconvenience.

The versatility of such models makes it possible to combine them with other elements of the wardrobe and wear a wedding dress even in everyday life. This is the main plus for both eco-friendly and pragmatic brides.

6. Backyard wedding

The format of a chamber wedding with a small number of guests made home weddings possible. For example, you can use the space near the house as a personal wedding venue. Professional decorators will help you beautifully decorate the yard, catering will provide you and your guests with restaurant dishes and impeccable service, and musicians will create a magical festive atmosphere. This is a necessary minimum, which is quite enough to hold a sincere and very special wedding in your own home.

7. "Reusable" floristry

Decorators are advised to pay attention to potted plants and dried flowers as table decorations and the basis of wedding floristry. This is environmentally friendly because, after the holiday, green leaves in pots and bouquets of dried flowers can be taken home as decor or presented to guests as a keepsake of your event. Both options will perfectly fit into the natural colors and harmoniously support any of the most popular wedding styles today: boho, rustic, eco, or minimalism.

8. Unusual entertainment

The desire of couples to surprise and go beyond has led to the fact that the list of wedding entertainment began to grow with new unexpected shows and activities. If you want more movement for guests and their communication with each other, then give preference to outdoor games: from breaking a piñata to an impromptu shooting range, from a crocodile to a giant Jenga.

If you want spectacular entertainment, then the choice of wedding shows is amazing: illusionists, circus performers, acrobats, fortune tellers, water and fire performances, culinary and bartending shows, immersive theater, laser, and neon shows. A popular cover band or live music, as well as an open-air dance floor, are the trends that await us in the upcoming wedding season.

9. Unique wedding style of the bride and groom

Made-to-measure suits and dresses, custom tailoring in small ateliers, the work of talented local designers, even dresses from eBay and flea markets - anything can be your wedding dress. The main condition is that your appearance should reflect your character, values, and your own style. Dress, trousers, daring mini, shorts, transparent fabric, or a color other than white - the bride has the right to choose.

The groom doesn't have to be in a suit and shirt at all, he can grow a mustache or beard, make a hairstyle from long hair and be no less bright at his wedding than his chosen one. The cold season provides an additional opportunity to experiment with outerwear, emphasizing new facets of your look: a white leather coat, a jacket, a colored faux fur coat, an embroidered denim jacket, or a leather jacket.

10. Vegetarian and vegan menu

Health-conscious guests do more than just abstain from alcohol. Many people have switched to a vegetarian or vegan diet during the lockdown. If you yourself and most of your guests do not eat meat, then it makes sense to develop a vegetarian holiday menu. And it should be so varied and tasty that guests who eat meat are satisfied with such a choice. 

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