Everything You Should Know About the Organization of a Chamber Wedding


Organizing a wedding is a time-consuming and costly process. To do everything in the highest class, modern couples turn to professional wedding agencies for help. This allows you to plan all stages of the ceremony and banquet, calculate the budget of the event, and other nuances.

But even in this case, not every couple is ready to spend the annual family budget for their wedding. If a chic honeymoon is more important than a chic banquet, a chamber wedding for the closest ones will be the best solution. Small weddings in a narrow circle are popular not only among newlyweds of mature age but also among young people. What is a chamber wedding and how best to hold it?

Benefits of a chamber wedding

The organization of a holiday in a narrow circle is popular due to the mass of advantages. Pros of a small wedding:

  • The main reason for choosing a small wedding for two or for a small number of the closest guests is the desire to share the holiday only with the closest and most significant people.
  • Ease of planning. Organizing a wedding for a small number of close guests is very simple. It is enough to send invitations, order a restaurant, have a photo shoot, and purchase outfits. To do this, you don't even need to rent an entire restaurant a year before the holiday.
  • The absence of a tedious feast and competitions. Many young couples are thinking about how to plan a modern wedding. To do this, it is best to invite a small number of close relatives. In this case, it may not be necessary to rent a restaurant for a chamber wedding, a show program, and a host. This is just a family dinner lasting several hours, where relatives can congratulate the newlyweds on a new stage in their lives.
  • Originality. A chamber wedding is always original, touching, and sincere. If you think over the script well, you can get a warm atmosphere, and pay attention to each guest.
Choosing a venue for a wedding

Another advantage of a chamber wedding is that the holiday can be located at almost any venue. A small number of invitees allows you to use convenient and inexpensive venues. However, many restaurants offer separate rooms for small events. Their size most often makes it possible only to sit at the table. In addition, there may be several such halls in the institution, so that another banquet can be held in the next one.

You can also pay attention to atypical places for a chamber wedding. It can be country parks, locations on the shore of a reservoir, or in a greenhouse. For the cold season, country villas with the spacious territory are suitable.

When organizing a chamber wedding, you may encounter a lack of convenient venues. Therefore, many couples are considering wedding options abroad. This is the perfect solution for a wedding for two or in a small company. To accommodate guests, you can rent a small hotel, villa, or apartment, and most often each guest decides on an individual flight issue. In this case, only the closest people will be present at the wedding.

Attention to every detail

The smaller the event, the more noticeable the details. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the little things, for example, preparing a welcome gift for each guest, organizing a photo zone, think about the serving and decoration of the room. You can prepare a stand, which will contain not only photos of newlyweds but also guests. Be sure to prepare a book in which guests can leave wishes to the newlyweds. Chamber events are good because they allow you to pay enough attention to each guest.


Due to the small number of guests, when planning a chamber wedding, it is necessary to carefully consider its scenario. But the presence of only the closest people at the ceremony and banquet is also an advantage. When writing a script, you can take into account their tastes, so the event will turn out to be touching and memorable.

Well suited for the ceremony and banquet live music. Against its background, the banquet will take place more dynamically. Dancers and other professionals can also be invited to entertain guests.

Emphasis on high quality

A small wedding allows you to plan the budget of the event rationally, focusing not on quantity, but on quality. If the event is held outside the city, then it is possible to pre-book guests for overnight stays. You can add elite alcohol, favorite dishes of guests, or order a designer cake to the menu. In this case, it is possible to redistribute the budget due to a smaller number of invitees.

Helpful tips

Planning your own wedding takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of useful tips for organizing a chamber event allow you to make preparations quick and enjoyable.


A chamber wedding allows you to abandon the standard scheme for inviting guests. However, do not delay notifying relatives about the upcoming event.

Catering service

When holding a ceremony in a country park or in a villa, the best solution would be to order treats through a catering company. The price will be slightly higher than when ordering from a restaurant, but the opportunity to organize a buffet table in any convenient location is priceless.


A ceremony with a small number of invited guests is most often not carried out at the registry office. The best solution would be an outdoor ceremony. It is necessary to arrange a venue for it, a banquet or buffet hall, prepare a photo zone, a bridal bouquet, compositions on tables, and other small details.

Photo and video

For a small ceremony, you can hire a wedding photographer for part of the day. You can take professional pictures of the ceremony itself, and then arrange a photo shoot on a weekday. You can also hire a videographer at the same time to shoot the most interesting moments of your wedding.

Musical accompaniment

The noise of conversations and eating should not be heard all the time. If professional musicians do not fit into the budget of the event, it is worth at least compiling a list with songs for dances and banquets. 

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