Elbow Injuries Treatment

An elbow injury doesn't have to put you out of commission forever, but it does require elbow injury treatment. Visit the experts in Midtown Manhattan to prevent further complications and get back into your game as soon as possible. A repetitive motion disorder that causes elbow injuries may force you to revise the way you do certain activities or replace your outdated equipment. Either way, your elbow tendon injury treatment in NYC comes with homecare instructions that you must follow to fully heal. Come to our sports injury clinic to get your pain evaluation and treatment. Meet our elbow pain doctor Febin Melepura M.D. to get the pain relief you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the best sports pain management specialists in NYC.

Mobility issues and elbow pain are common when you get an elbow injury. Don't assume your elbow will get better on its own. Whether the damage occurred as the result of an accident or a repetitive motion disorder, you need to rely on an experienced, talented team of sports medicine and pain management experts in Midtown Manhattan for elbow injury treatment.

Your elbow is made up of many small, interconnected parts that come into play in your life every single day. Ligaments, cartilage, bone and fluid make up your elbow joint, and all are potential victims of damage and overuse. If you're like most people, you take your elbows for granted. But elbow tendon injury treatment isn't just common among athletes and physically active workers.

Sports Injuries in NYC

One of the most common ways to get an elbow injury is from playing certain sports — specially golf, tennis and baseball. Tennis and golf injuries are common:

  • Tennis elbow injuries result in lateral epicondylitis — tiny tears in the ligament that attaches your forearm muscles to the bone on the outside of your elbow. It's a muscle strain injury and repetitive motion disorder. The pain that comes from a tennis elbow injury usually results in weakness, making it hard to hold a cup or turn a doorknob.

Tennis elbow injury treatment in Midtown Manhattan isn't just for athletes either. Occupations that lead to the elbow injury require you to repeatedly contract your forearm and raise your arm over your head. Jobs that can lead to tennis elbow include:

  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Cooks
  • Construction workers
  • Computer operators
  • Golf elbow is very much like a tennis elbow injury, but it happens in the middle part of your elbow, making it a medial epicondylitis disorder. At the same time, tennis players can also develop golfer's elbow because they clench their fingers when holding the racquet.

It's the repeated stress on your fingers, traveling up to your elbows, that leads to golf elbow injury. And like tennis elbow, other sports and activities can lead to the need for golfer's elbow injury treatment. Sports that can cause golf elbow include:

  • Weightlifting
  • Football, archery, baseball and other throwing sports
  • Racquet sports, especially when your equipment is too heavy, requiring a tighter grip
  • Jobs that require raking, painting, chopping wood or hammering

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