Crown Lengthening

A crown lengthening procedure is sometimes necessary to expose more of your tooth, for either cosmetic or functional reasons. While this is dental surgery, it's still considered minor, and it's performed in the comfort of your dentist's office. You feel little or no crown lengthening pain when you visit NY Sohosmile. Make an appointment for a consultation today so you can get the vital dental care you need!

Crown Lengthening

A gummy smile happens when too much gum tissue covers your teeth, which makes them look too short for your mouth. There are many reasons for this condition, but if you opt for crown lengthening surgery, it may be considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure if it's just to address your smile.

When crown lengthening is done to save a tooth, however, the procedure is likely covered by your dental insurance, as it's medically necessary to your continued good dental health. Functional reasons Dr. John Koutsoyiannis at Sohosmile may need to perform a crown lengthening procedure include:

  • Helping save a tooth from having to be removed
  • Revealing more of a tooth if it's broken off near your gum line, a process that's usually needed to support a dental crown
  • Preventing a tooth from being replaced

Why Undergo a Crown Lengthening Procedure

Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure performed when too little of your tooth is exposed for a crown or filling. You may need a crown for a variety of reasons, such as:

If not enough of your tooth remains after a dental procedure or following an accident to hold a crown, crown lengthening surgery may be required. During a crown lengthening procedure, your crown specialist Downtown NYC reduces your gum and bony tissue to reveal more of the tooth above your gum line.

For best results from this procedure, visit an experienced cosmetic dentist for crown lengthening. Visit an experienced cosmetic dentist for crown lengthening because food can become trapped between your teeth and gums, and other dental problems may arise. This is another reason why excessive gum tissue can become a health concern.

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