Cone Biopsy, Conization (PAP, HPV)

A cervical cone biopsy is a surgical procedure that extracts a cone or wedge-shaped piece of tissue from your cervix. If you have cervical cancer and it is caught early enough the cervical cone biopsy procedure used as a treatment, not a diagnostic tool.

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Cervical Cone Biopsy

Your cervix is the opening between your vaginal vault and your uterus, which is also called your womb. Your cervix can open and close to protect your uterus. If your doctor suspects an abnormal condition, including cancer, in your cervix, collecting a biopsy or tissue sample may be the next step. But normal biopsy procedures yield a small number of cells. When a larger sample is required, a cervical cone biopsy — also called conization — can help.

A cervical cone biopsy is a surgical procedure that extracts a cone or wedge-shaped piece of tissue from your cervix. The extracted tissue is sent to the lab, where it's checked under a microscope for analysis. This procedure captures a relatively large tissue sample. If your OBGYN only needs a small sample, a LEEP suffices. The size of the tissue sample required is a deciding factor when considering cervical cone biopsy vs LEEP.

Reasons for a Cervical Cone Biopsy

The procedure captures a tissue sample from your cervix. The reasons your doctor might perform this operation include:

  • Your Pap smear test results were abnormal and can't be diagnosed with a smaller biopsy.
  • Your OBGYN suspects you have dysplasia (or enlargement) of the cervix or cervical canal.
  • Your doctor has confirmed early stages of cancer, such as adenocarcinoma in situ, on your cervix and can remove the cancerous cells to save your uterus.
  • You have a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection on your cervix and need an HPV biopsy.

If you have cervical cancer, the recommended treatment is a total hysterectomy. But if the cancer is caught early enough, your doctor can save your uterus by excising the cancer cells from your cervix using this procedure. In this case, the cervical cone biopsy procedure is a treatment, not a diagnostic tool.

Procedure for a Cervical Cone Biopsy

You have to be unconscious for this procedure, so you'll likely receive general anesthesia. Even though a cervical cone biopsy is an outpatient surgery, you'll need someone else to drive you home after you recover enough to be discharged.

After you're under anesthesia, Dr. Zelmanovich, gynecologist in NYC inserts a speculum to get access to your cervix. Depending on where on your cervix the abnormal or cancerous cells are, the doctor may have to mechanically or chemically open your cervix.

Then a wedge or cone-shaped section of tissue is cut from your cervix. Your OBGYN uses a surgical knife or a laser knife to make the cut. Once the tissue has been extracted, your doctor stops the bleeding with a natural product that packs the wound, helping it heal. The biopsy is sent to the lab for analysis. The whole operation takes less than an hour, usually between 30 and 45 minutes.

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