Bone Loss Surgery

Bone grafting is a common procedure that is frequently required prior to dental implant treatment. It might initially be a bit concerning to learn you need a bone graft, but there really is nothing to worry about.

Here at EnvySmile Dental Spa, our dental implant specialists have carried out many bone graft procedures and we only use top quality bone grafting materials from trusted sources so your bone graft will be as safe and as comfortable as possible. All the materials we use are CDC approved and adhere to strict guidelines regarding their procurement, processing and sterilization.

Why Have a Bone Graft?

After your natural teeth are extracted the jawbone quickly loses some of its mass and density, becoming thinner and weaker and less able to support dental implants. By having a bone graft, we can build up bone in areas where it is deficient, making sure there is plenty of high quality bone to strongly support your dental implants. This not only helps to ensure treatment is a success, but also provides valuable support for your gum tissues so the overall effect of treatment will be more aesthetically pleasing. It's often necessary for us to build up the bony ridge that used to support your teeth, making it thicker and higher.

Sinus Lift

Another type of bone graft is called a sinus lift and this is another common treatment that is often carried out in preparation for dental implants being placed towards the back of the upper jaw. This is the area where your sinuses are located and these are large air filled spaces. The size and shape of your sinuses can vary tremendously but often the bone in this area is thinner and weaker and less able to support dental implants. Carrying out a sinus lift procedure increases the bone in this area, helping to ensure the success of your dental implants. It's a very straightforward treatment that simply involves accessing the membrane in between your jawbone and your sinus cavities and 'lifting' this upwards towards the sinus cavities. This creates a space in between the membrane and your jawbone that can then be packed with bone grafting material.

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