8 Unmatchable Benefits of Ceramic Dental Crowns


The multitaskers of the dentistry industry, dental crowns may conceal a wide range of issues. The high-quality crowns that are created nowadays are so perfect, no one would ever think your crown is anything other than your natural tooth. They are durable, individually made restorative coverings for teeth that are put directly over the remaining section of your tooth.

Crowns may be made from a variety of materials, including resin, metals, porcelain, and ceramic. Ceramic crowns are the most popular ones because of all the benefits they provide.

The following are the key benefits that ceramic crowns provide:

1. Durability
The ceramic version of crowns, like other crowns, shields your teeth against damage such as cracks, stains, chips, decay, or extremely large fillings. A dental bridge can be stabilized with a crown, and an implant can be covered with one as well. All of the aforementioned issues are addressed by the special stabilizing features that ceramic crowns offer.

2. Aesthetic brilliance
Ceramic crowns are incredibly realistic-looking, and your dentist can perfectly match their color to the neighboring teeth. You can always review your dentist's previous work to determine if they are indeed experienced and skilled with this type of dental treatment.

3. Highly customizable materials
There is no risk that the ceramic crown your dentist installs would be too tight or too loose around your tooth because it's made using a model of your actual teeth. This affects how comfortable your crown is. The idea is for it to be completely unnoticeable.

4. Amazing protective qualities
Because of the excellent fit of your ceramic crown, no food or drink residue can get on your natural tooth. Your natural tooth is thus shielded from additional deterioration and bacterial exposure.

5. No risks for an allergy
By choosing a ceramic crown, you completely eliminate any chance of experiencing an allergic response to metal. Your overall anxiety over your new dental work will decrease once you are free of this concern!

6. Perfect restoration
Because exposed and damaged teeth are usually extremely sensitive, many people tend to overuse their other teeth when eating and often avoid certain types of foods and drinks. When your porcelain crown is on, you can enjoy even the crunchiest, crispiest foods as well as hot and cold drinks without any restrictions.

7. Great for visible teeth
Ceramic crowns are ideal if you require a crown on one of your front teeth as they look extremely natural. Once more, your dentist can precisely fit the crown to your tooth, making it so that it looks as if you were born with perfectly white, straight, and just amazingly beautiful teeth.

8. Highly convenient
Aside from how they feel and look, one of the reasons people enjoy their ceramic crowns is that, in most cases, your dentist can manufacture your crown and install it during the same appointment, which is something that most other dental procedures cannot equal.

Usually, a dentist must send an impression of the teeth to a laboratory where the crown may be made. This is not the case in the modern day. Some dental offices have a special crown-making room where the restoration can be designed and manufactured while you wait.

The bottom line
With all these convincing points in favor of getting a ceramic crown, all you need to do is schedule a consultation to go over your requirements and explore the procedure. Despite being a long-standing tradition, tooth crowns have seen constant advancements in both art and science. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, placing a crown is now a fast, efficient, aesthetic, and relatively painless process.

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