8 Debunked Myths About Periods You Should Stop Believing In

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the female reproductive system, especially periods. But you should know that misunderstanding of periods can lead to unpleasant consequences or interfere with normal activities. That's why we have gathered these eight debunked myths about periods you should stop believing in.

1. Periods are not painful

Many people think that some women pretend to have severe periods that make them take painkillers and lay in bed for a few days. Unfortunately, these symptoms are familiar to many women. But you should understand that severe pain and cramping can be caused by some underlying conditions. That's why it is better to make an appointment with a gynecologist and undergo a thorough examination and treatment if needed.

2. It is not acceptable to have sex during periods

Even though many people tend to refuse sex during periods, it can be quite beneficial. The point is that sex and orgasm boost the production of a "feel-good" chemical called endorphin. In addition to the ability of this chemical to improve your mood, it can also replace pain medication due to its pain-relieving properties.

3. You can't take a bath during periods

Many women think that taking a bath during periods can be harmful. But the reality is that a warm bath with lavender essential oil can even ease your pain and cramps during periods. However, you should use a tampon to prevent the mixing of the water and menstrual blood.

4. Missed periods always mean pregnancy

Even though missed periods are considered the most common sign of pregnancy, they can manifest many other conditions. For example, if you have gained or lost weight, are exposed to prolonged stress, or exercise excessively, your periods can disappear. But you should also know that your periods can be late because of hormonal disorders and hormone-related conditions.

5. Heavy periods are not dangerous

If you have to change a sanitary pad or tampon every few hours during periods, it means that your periods are heavy. Increased blood flow during menstruation can be caused by hormonal issues, cancers of the reproductive system, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, and other gynecological disorders. You should also know that heavy periods can lead to the development of anemia.

6. You should stay in bed during periods

Even if you have painful periods, there is no reason to spend these days in bed. The reality is that physical activities, as well as sex, increase the production of endorphins. As mentioned above, they can help cope with painful periods. Additionally, exercising can help improve blood circulation that also positively affects your menstrual cramps.

7. Every woman becomes irritable and angry during PMS

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are different for every woman. For example, some of them don't notice any serious changes in mood or well-being before periods. But there are a lot of women that can suffer from severe headaches, changes in blood pressure, anxiety, irritability, pelvic pain, and other symptoms.

8. You can't get pregnant during periods

If you practice protected sex during periods, you should know that fertilization during menstruation is possible. Moreover, many women have gotten pregnant during periods. The point is that periods can coincide with ovulation in some cases. That's why it is still better to use condoms or other contraception options to prevent pregnancy.

The bottom line

Even though many myths about periods are outdated or groundless, many people still believe in them. You should understand that the more information you know about your reproductive system, the better you understand its processes. But in the case of any symptoms or unusual conditions, you need to contact your gynecologist instead of self-treatment. 

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