8 Considerations to Think About Before Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is an excellent way for many women to regain their health, relieve pain, or gain the confidence they have lost. However, not everyone is a good candidate for the surgery.

Before you decide whether it is worthwhile, consider the following factors:

1. You Must Meet Certain Requirements

There will always be restrictions and criteria that must be met regardless of whether you have plastic or medical surgery. The requirements for a breast reduction surgery are a combination of general health requirements and breast reduction specifics. If you meet the following criteria, you may be a good candidate for this procedure:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You do not use nicotine products.
  • Are not currently pregnant or nursing.
  • You do not have any bleeding or clotting issues.

2. You Might Not Get The Exact Cup Size You Are Looking For

This has less to do with breast reduction and more to do with bra manufacturers. Cup sizes vary by manufacturer and bra type, so referring to the procedure in terms of cup size will not result in an exact science. Your plastic surgeon will most likely discuss sizes in terms of grams of breast tissue, as this is more precise. Although it may be difficult to think in terms of grams rather than cup sizes, it is the tried and trusted way of ensuring a precise breast reduction to your desired looks.

3. You May Lose Some Sensitivity

You will most likely have decreased sensation in your breasts immediately following surgery. This is entirely normal and is caused by a combination of anesthetic and your body's natural healing process. This will most likely fade over time, and the full sensation will return. Regrettably, this is not a guarantee. Some sensations, particularly in the nipples, do not always return to normal. If sensation loss is one of your concerns, consult with your plastic surgeon.

4. It Could Impact Breastfeeding

The likelihood of this happening is highly dependent on the extent of your surgery. Breastfeeding is more likely to be limited in women who undergo a significant reduction. Because your plastic surgeon may need to remove some of the milk ducts and glands as part of the breast tissue removal procedure, the amount of milk produced will be reduced. If this is a concern, please discuss it with your plastic surgeon.

5. Be Prepared For a Lengthy Recovery Period

Returning to your normal life usually takes between 2 and 6 weeks after surgery. It is expected that you rest, avoid strenuous activities, and have someone available to assist you with difficult tasks during this time. While it may be uncomfortable for a few days after your surgery, you will most likely feel fantastic once the pain has subsided.

6. You May Have Everlasting Scars

As with any surgery or procedure that involves incisions, there is a chance that you will have permanent scars. Scarring is a highly variable phenomenon that is affected by several factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Surgeon skill
  • Size of incisions
  • Luck

Don't let the fear of scarring influence your decision to have a breast reduction. Scar revision techniques can be used to reduce the appearance of scars.

7. Talk to Your Insurance Company About Coverage

The majority of insurance policies do not cover elective cosmetic surgery. As a result, if you choose to have a breast reduction for cosmetic reasons, your insurance is unlikely to cover it. However, if having your breasts removed will improve your health and quality of life, it may be covered. Before going under the knife, check with your insurance company about your coverage.

8. Most Women Are Happy With Their Results, But This Isn't Guaranteed

The vast majority of breast reduction patients will notice an improvement in their quality of life, happiness, and physical well-being. However, not every woman who undergoes this procedure is completely satisfied. According to studies, there is a link between more informed women and higher levels of satisfaction. So, before committing to a breast reduction, take your time and gather as much information as possible. 

Stay Informed

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