8 Common Myths About Teeth You Shouldn’t Believe in

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about your teeth. The point is that many people still believe in them and this can affect their dental health. It is extremely important to debunk these myths and learn the right information to keep your teeth strong and healthy. In this article, we have gathered eight common myths about teeth you shouldn't believe in.

1. Baby teeth don't require any treatment

Many parents think that there is no need to repeat baby teeth since they will fall out anyway. But you should understand that any tooth damage can affect the developing permanent teeth. As a result, the treatment will be more complicated. For example, tooth decay can cause severe toothache and destroy the whole tooth. Additionally, advanced tooth decay in children can lead to baby teeth removal.

2. Tooth decay affects only kids

Even though children are more prone to tooth decay due to increased consumption of sweets and poor oral hygiene, adults can also have this condition. The reality is that a cavity occurs when the bacteria in your oral cavity start to multiply actively and produce acids that wear out your tooth enamel. That's why proper oral hygiene is essential for both children and adults.

3. Teeth whitening can ruin your teeth

Some people believe that teeth whitening can destroy your tooth enamel. Indeed, you can experience increased tooth sensitivity right after the procedure but it usually disappears on its own in a few days Modern teeth whitening procedures are completely safe and you can even bleach your teeth at home with special teeth whitening kits.

4. Tooth brushing once a day is enough

Dental plaque, food particles, and bacteria accumulate in your oral cavity throughout the whole day. If you brush your teeth only in the morning, you leave all the debris in your teeth to rot and cause bacterial overgrowth. This can result in tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. That's why it is essential to brush your teeth twice a day.

5. Tooth decay can be treated at home

Many people with cavities think that painkillers and some home remedies can help treat tooth decay. Indeed, these remedies can help ease a toothache but they don't stop the progression of the condition. You should understand that only a dentist can remove the affected tissues and fill in the cavity.

6. Only white teeth are healthy

Modern fashion and advertising make us think that only white teeth can be deemed strong and healthy. Even though snow-white teeth can look better, that color of the tooth enamel doesn't affect its strength and health. The reality is that yellowish, grayish, and white teeth can be equally healthy.

7. Bad breath occurs because of smelly foods

Indeed, smelly foods can actually cause bad breath. But there are a lot of other factors that can also make your breath smell bad. The most common of them are:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Dental abscess
  • Mouth dryness
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Certain medications

Due to the fact that most of these factors can be quite dangerous, it is essential to make an appointment with your doctor to define the exact cause of your bad breath.

8. There is no need to visit the dentist regularly

Many people visit the dentist only in the case of a toothache or other severe symptoms. This results in more complicated and expensive treatment. You should understand that it is much easier to prevent many oral issues and treat them in the initial stages. That's why it is recommended to visit a dentist at least twice a year. 

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