6 Main Interior Principles in 2020

 The main trend in interior design is "changes". The new decade sets the direction for fresh trends and cultural shifts. Our home is a place where you can escape from the noisy world, even if for a short time. Houses become more comfortable, efficient, colorful, smarter, and more environmentally friendly. This increases the requirements for modern houses.

Keep reading if you are interested in discovering the main principles of creating a trendy 2020 interior.

1. Rustic design

More people are trying to change their behavior as consumers to become more sustainable. They make decisions like furniture and building materials based on terms of climate neutrality. Most people start considering the history of a product (how, from what, where, and by whom it was produced). They prefer high quality, attractive, and green design of the house choosing natural materials based on environmental factors. This describes the interest of consumers in recyclable materials in 2020.

This 2020 interior trend sustains interest in Scandinavian style, natural, rustic lifestyle, and traditionally rustic design.

2. Closer to nature

All of us want to be closer to nature. Modern apartments are built with big balconies and terraces. Houses always have access to a garden or patio that is in great demand, especially in the city. These touchpoints with nature become an integral part of homes. Outdoor furniture is designed to serve you both outside the hose and inside. Plants in the garden act like accessories and create a comfortable atmosphere. Green is the main trend in 2020.

3. Smart design

Smart apps have become more versatile, reliable, and easy to use. Every year they adapt better to the specific needs of consumers. For this reason, smart technologies have become an integral part of our lives.

These apps can optimize indoor air quality or regulate the temperature in the house without wasting energy. The same applies to furniture and interior design. Lights serve as speakers, dining tables are equipped with wireless charging stations, while sofas remember your individual preferences. And this is only a small part of things that modern furniture can do. Technology becomes an integral of modern furniture and a leading trend in 2020.

4. Comfortable furniture

Comfort is an important part of every home(regardless of its size). Compact and attractive furniture like double sofas or armchairs become a real trend in modern houses. Manufacturers pay special attention to the ergonomics of furniture. Console tables, folding tables, or small shelves provide comfort in everyday life and become an integral part of the interior.

People choose comfortable hammocks which are easy to move from the garden to the house. Stools and benches are equipped with soft upholstery to add comfort to the kitchen and dining area. The sofas are adjustable and are complemented by built-in tables. Comfort is one of the main trends of the 2020 interior.

5. Flexible solutions and freedom of movement

People are looking for freedom from convention when it comes to the interior. This reinforces the trend towards spacious studio apartments when rooms aren't separated. It increases the need for multifunctional furniture that separates living sections from each other. Tables serve like a dining area and workspace, cupboards can store things and zone space. The kitchen and living room merge, while the bathroom remains a separate room or adjoins the bedroom.

To increase the space in apartments with enclosed planning designers install glass partition walls. You can replace outer walls with huge windows to increase the space.

6. Colorful life

A color is a powerful tool in interior design and architecture. It plays a decisive role in how we perceive the interior. Brown has the greatest impact. Shades of brown are responsible for the coziness and therefore are very popular now. These colors range from greyish beige and taupe to bog oak. Designers recommend combining them with orange, turquoise, and white colors. Many people prefer monochrome colors in favor of colorful interiors.

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