4 Benefits of Having a Window in a Bathroom

 The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house. That's why many people aim to make this room comfortable and cozy. Having a window in a bathroom is a good way to achieve this goal. If you're wondering what benefits can bring you a window in a bathroom, keep reading the article.

1. Additional ventilation

The bathroom is the wettest area in the house, and existing ventilation might not cope with all smells. Plus, the bathroom is often used to dry clothes or linen in it after washing.

This means that the presence of a window in the bathroom can be useful since it will become another source of fresh air. By ventilating the room with a window, you can quickly reduce the moisture concentration after showering or bathing. In addition, thanks to the window, unpleasant odors from the bathroom can be removed much faster. And the washed things dry much faster if you open the window in the bathroom. In addition, experts say that ventilating the bathroom on a frosty day will help prevent mold, which tends to spread in humid places.

But it is also important to take into account the fact that due to the large temperature difference, condensation will appear on the inside of the window. Therefore, to prevent this, place a source of strong heat or steam away from the window. In addition, it is desirable that the window frame be "recessed" in the window opening as much as possible so that the heat flows that rise to the bathroom ceiling does not touch the glass.

2. Additional lighting

According to statistics, people turn on the light in the bathroom much more often than in other rooms during the day, despite the fact that they spend a little time there. And the window will significantly reduce unnecessary energy costs because daylight will pass through the window.

The luckiest ones are those whose bathroom windows face the sunny side. The sun's rays will help speed up the drying process of the bathroom walls, as well as help destroy dangerous mold and fungus spores. We can say that the sun makes an additional hygienic treatment in the bathroom.

3. Additional space

The window in the bathroom provides additional space that can be used - the window sill. It can be used as another shelf on which you can store various cosmetic or hygiene products, as well as household chemicals. Another option for using a window sill is to arrange live or artificial flowers on it, which will decorate the bathroom and revive the atmosphere of such a room. You can also install wireless music speakers on the windowsill, which are designed for use in wet rooms. There are lots of ideas for bathroom windows on Pinterest, so you can decorate it in many ways.

4. View from the window

The window in the bathroom will allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of the city or nature while taking a bath. Although potential buyers often have doubts about the benefits of a window in the bathroom, because there are fears that passers-by or neighbors may see the owners of the apartment naked. But today this problem can be solved with the help of special tint films designed for windows. Such films not only hide what is happening in the bathroom but also reflect ultraviolet rays, letting in daylight. However, you should be aware that turning on the light in the bathroom will remove this mirror effect. Therefore, it is enough to hang curtains or blinds designed for bathrooms on the window in order to hide what is happening in the room in the evening.

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