11 Neat Tips for Healthy Hair

 You invest a large sum of money in your hair care products but still are not getting any desired results? Those TV ads for expensive shampoos, oils, and lotions are often very exaggerated as they are designed to engage as many people as possible into buying an advertised product. Stop spending your hard earned money on those non-productive lotions and conditioners and try natural hair care techniques to restore your hair and keep it in a good shape.

Here are some tips for how you can get healthy beautiful hair naturally.

1. Hot water can be harmful

If you like to take hot water showers, you are at a high risk of damaging your hair. Hot water can wash away all of the natural protective oils from your hair. It can weaken curls and make them dry and breakable. Keep your water temperature slightly warmer than your body temperature to prevent damaging your hair.

2. Stay clean

The most significant reason for hair loss is a dirty and tingling scalp. So try to keep your hair clean and fresh.

It is not recommended to wash your hair everyday to prevent stripping your natural oils. But washing your hair a few times a week should keep your hair clean and healthy.

3. Avoid tightness

Minimize wearing tight hairstyles like ponytails and braids as they can damage your hair roots and even cause hair loss complications. If you try to showcase your personal style and are wearing those remember to free your hair every night. If you like to wear lots of hair extensions, let your hair rest every three months.

4. Stop brushing curly hair

Curly hair needs gentle care and applying a brush to it may result in its breaking and damaging.

Try to limit the usage of flat irons and relaxers and stick to polymer-containing conditioners.

5. Avoid color changing

Perhaps you've always wanted to change your natural color. Keep in mind that you are at risk of harming your hair with drastic color change. Many specialists recommend not to go further than three shades from your natural color.

6. Don't blow-dry often

Constant blow-drying is harmful to your hair and can be the cause of hair loss.Try to keep minimum heat when you blow-dry. Finer hair is especially irritable to heat, but even thick manes need delicate treating. Secure your hair by using a conditioner or a heat styling product before drying.

7. Harmfulness of sun

If sunbeams can damage your skin, they can certainly harm your hair too. Apply sun protection before going outside, especially if you have color-treated hair. Regular summer walks can deprive your hair of its natural beauty so try wearing a hat for protection.

8. Try not to brush wet hair

Wet hair is weaker and more prone to break. It is better to towel dry and then slowly and gently comb your strands.

9. Take a break from styling

The best thing you can do to let your hair rest is - doing nothing. All of the chemical products and constant brushing weakens your hair shafts. Even regular towel drying can sometimes be harmful. After washing your hair just give it some time to dry without any intrusion.

10. Take notice of the changes in your hair

Unusual transformations in your hair, such as hair loss sometimes can be a sign of health issues. Some medicines can cause it too. If you notice unexpected changes in your hair, visit a professional dermatologist.

11. Maintain a diet

Your diet usually reflects on your appearance. Consume a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and drink more water. It is one of the most effective ways to treat your hair at home.

The bottom line

There are many different causes of hair damaging and even hair loss. Try to keep a healthy schedule, eat fresh food, brush, and treat your manes with care to avoid any complications.

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